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QThe vehicle into the museum exhibit procedures on how to handle?

A The transport vehicle in this exhibition is stopped in the designated parking lot under the command of the home company. After the designated location, the vehicle is queued to go to the exhibition hall to unload the car.

QDismantling the vehicle staff whether there is a need for dismantling pass?

A Out of all the staff of cloth vehicles (drivers and need to enter the exhibition hall of the stevedores) must pass for dismantling.

QThe pavilion missed the press hall to apply for free use of opportunities, can hire their own other meeting rooms for press conference?

A The exhibitor who failed to apply for a free press conference for a reason may consider leased other conference rooms on its own. However, the following provisions should be observed:
1. the tenant must be the exhibitor at the exhibition;
2. the participating groups on their own rental conference rooms will pay their rental fees and the organizing committee will not issue additional exhibition documents for them.
3. the press conference or the product description will invite the journalist to arrange or fill out the return receipt by the exhibitor, and the Organizing Committee assists the organization.

QThe exhibitor's booth does not have too much space as a warehouse. Can we put the information on the adjacent passageway?

A Public passageway is an important guarantee for fire evacuation. It must be kept clean and smooth, and any exhibitor must not occupy it. When designing the booth for the empty booth, we must consider enough storage space to stack data and not occupy adjacent channels and walls for any reason. In violation of the above regulations, the organizing committee has the right to clean up the passage.

QAs a exhibitor, how should we make full use of the magazine to publicize our business?

A The journal is the only official Exhibitor List of C I T M organizing committee. As an exhibitor, it is very necessary to input detailed information of your organization into the journal. At the same time, you can also fill in the advertising sponsorship guide and buy the page advertisement in the Journal (see the fourth part of the advertising guide).

QExhibitors did not exceed the limit of the booth building on the open space, and did not cross the border. There was no hidden danger. Why did the organizing committee ask the exhibitors to change their design?

A As the special display is not only the embodiment of individualization, it also needs to take into account the overall effect of the exhibition hall. Therefore, the organizing committee will put forward the amendments to the design of the following booth, and will issue the examination and approval letter after the exhibitor's Amendment:
▲The design of the exhibition platform which may affect the overall effect of the exhibition hall;
▲The exhibition platform design that seriously affects the exhibition effect of the adjacent exhibitors;
▲The design of the booth that has the hidden danger.
▲There are bad political tendencies and the design of the exhibition platform that is not suitable for the general atmosphere of the exhibition.

QExhibitors need to hang their promotional items and promotional items in a space above 2400 millimetres, but the standard booth rented by exhibitors are not allowed to be super high. Is there any way for exhibitors?

A Please consider the type of booth that you need before subscribed to the booth. Your subscription to the standard booth indicates that you have given up the right to promote the promotion of space above 2400 millimeters. Therefore, if you still need promotion in the standard booth booth 2400 mm above the space, please follow the exhibition site management to pay the cost of advertising positions.

QThe exhibitors have subscribed to more than one standard booth, and their positions are arranged in a row. Can the exhibitor remove the partition between them and make it a whole?

A The exhibitors are not allowed to "open the partition" privately. If you need to open up your standard booth, please contact the home office, and avoid unnecessary fees if you repeat the construction. See "equipment rental return".

QWhat is the "stand booth" and "air space"? Is there any difference in their charge?

A The "standard booth" is commonly known as "standard booth". It refers to the semi enclosed independent exhibition booth surrounded by exhibition boards, with a standard booth of nine square meters, and equipped with tables and chairs, stools and other exhibitors. The "open space" refers to the light booth without any facilities and fences. Generally speaking, the price of the "standard booth" is slightly higher than the "open space", which is the first choice for a small exhibitor. The rental price of the "empty booth" is slightly lower than the "standard booth". Exhibitors also need to pay various fees, such as "land management fee", "booth building fee" and "electrical connection fee", which are suitable for exhibitions and exhibitions of large exhibitors.

QWhat about the misspelling of our contents in the journal and the Exhibitor List?

A In order to ensure the interests and information correctness of exhibitors, the organizing committee does not accept any handwritten forms of "Journal" and "exhibitors list" receipt. Please be sure to use electronic versions to complete the receipt and fill in the format and content strictly according to the receipt.

QExhibitors the booth confirmation original lost, others with the original registration?

A Please be sure to keep your original, once lost, please immediately in writing to the organizing committee declared invalid. No overdue declaration, and caused by others falsely, responsibility conceited.

QExhibitors pavilion is the leader, but the exhibitor didn't have the booth confirmation issued by the organizing committee of the original, how to do?

A Booth confirmation, the original is the organizing committee at the scene of the registration can exchange for admission documents of proof, the only admit any exhibitor must hold to the point and place named in the on-site registration, the original passports. If the original is lost, damaged, or is not convenient to transfer, please let this pavilion immediately void personally written statement to the secretariat of the organizing committee, director of the original, and consulted for on-site confirmation.

QExhibitors certificate lost, unable to enter?

A Because the scene more distracting, participants must keep their certificates. Certificate lost can bring great inconvenience to your participation, at the same time, the organizing committee will not reissue any interim certificate.

QThe exhibitors can not contact with the leader, he did not contact at the scene, how to do?

A We recommend that you be sure to keep your mobile contact manager before departure, so that the scene.

QWhen and where can I get booth certificate and the catalogue?

A If you are a direct and organizing committee leaders/independent exhibitors registration of the pavilion, you need to on-site registration registration, and then pick up the documents and related items. If you are not directly with the organizing committee of the pavilion, the manager of the enrolled or independent exhibitors, please contact your head of the pavilion, of your certificate and receive the "catalogue".

QExhibitors can be set up during the admission "exhibitors card"?

A Can, during building but by booth arrangement in progress in the hall.

QExhibitors can move-in ahead of time, and take away our publicity materials and exhibits?

A According to the organizing committee make clear a regulation, the exhibitors must do: same public and industry to discuss the day of the exhibition, from empty booth in advance with any reason.

QHas applied for booth online, but it has been cancelled, what should I do?

A Apply online booth, after fill out the application form, need to send a copy with signature or seal of the application form, and the copy of payment within 10 working days to our mailbox, or booking booth will be cancelled. If not pay the booth fee, so the balance need paid before 3-4 months in advance before, otherwise the booth also will be cancelled.

QThe company not to attend the fair?

A Please show in the first 4 to 5 months, in written form to inform the exhibition organizing committee, the organizing committee can be returned to the booths full, otherwise the payment will not be refunded.