Reputation First, Customers Foremost

Mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.


Pengcheng History

1. people who have no strong sense of wisdom are not wise, and they do not believe they do not.                 - thus, the Warring States thinker

2., inside and outside, the words and deeds are commensurate.                             - Han Fei, the philosopher and educator of the Warring States

3. good is not by the outside, the name can not be made.                     - Qu Yuan, the Warring States

4. true people, sincere to the same, not refined and sincere, can not move.           - the Zhuangzhou, the Warring States philosopher

5. people are not up to a breach of trust.                                 - Liu Xiang Han scribes

6. not long pseudo bullying, emptiness is not a long time, Fools grow without watering., love is not a long time dead. --Han and infant, the Poetics of the Han Dynasty

7. letter to access, the world of letters; not to the letter access, wife of the suspect.       --Chang Quan, the Jin Dynasty Hermit

8. people do not have loyalty to the world.                           --Cheng Yi, song Zhaozhe scientist

9. more imaginary than less real.                                   --Chen Fu, song Zhaozhe scientist

10. to be true to people, not only benefit people, benefit yourself especially.                   --Yang Jane, a scholar of the Song Dynasty